Dryer balls are a new addition to the shop!

You’ve been asking for these for a while and I’m so excited to have been able to source them for you.

Just like all the felt balls used at The Honey Hive, they are handmade and contain no chemicals. Dryer balls replace softener and dryer sheets while reducing static and drying time, saving you money and energy.

Dryer balls work by bouncing throughout your laundry, allowing warm air to circulate in the layers of clothing, efficiently softening your clothes while they bounce.

I stopped buying softener when my daughter was born and we realised her skin reacted badly to the chemicals in most detergents and softeners. And now I can stop buying dryer sheets and finding the sheets stuck to my clothing!

Add a few drops of essential oil to add an uplifting smell and make laundry a little more fun.

These guys last for 1000s of loads, although I suggest using 3 balls for a small load and 6 balls for a larger load.

All balls, just like the felt ball garlands, will arrive in a reusable organic cotton drawstring bag.

Wool Dryer Balls (Set of 3)

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    Please note that these colours are for felt colour choices, not felt balls or hearts.