How does ordering work?

Choose your


Decide colours

Add customizations

Item created

& shipped

How do I choose my item?

You can choose any of the items on my website. If there is an item you had in mind but you don't see it listed, let me know and I'll see if we can tun it into a reality for you! Follow me on Instagram to see products that have been personalized. 

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How do I decide on a colour scheme?

When ordering please note which colours you would like. For example, a mix of pale pinks and creams. Once you order, I will send an email with your colour choices side-by-side. You can also send me an image of a colour scheme or piece of decor you are wishing to match so I can give you options for colour choices.


Here is the colour chart but if you don't see a colour that you have in mind please message. If a colour is out of stock, I will message you an alternative colour that is similar or order more felt in if you are willing to wait a few extra weeks for your order. I have limited quantities of other colours so I may be able to help you out. 

Can I customize my order?

Yes! I there is a particular flower style you had in mind please let me know so I can incorporate it. Once colours and customizations are confirmed I will start your order. PLEASE NOTE: due to the nature of my shop and being a busy mom of three, I will only accept two changes to the original order. Be as detailed as you can for me to create the perfect item for you. I will send one progress update before securing flowers in place. If I do not hear from you in 24 hours I will go ahead and glue flowers in place and get your item prepared for shipping.

How can I bring my flowers back to life?

After shipping some flowers arrive a little limp or squashed. If you want to give them a helping hand you can use a hair straightener on a low setting to reshape them. You can also use a lint roller or sticky tape to get rid of any dust.

What kind of felt do you use?

I only use wool blend felt. It is made from a blend of 20-35% wool, plus rayon fibers, making it high quality, soft, strong and long lasting. It is not craft store felt made from acrylic. 

How can I store my creations?

Each ball garland, tooth pillow and name banner arrives in an organic cotton drawstring bag. This bag can be used for many other things but can be saved to put your product back in. This keeps ball garlands in a safe place and tangle-free until the next season you wish to use them in. Find out more about how to store your ball garland in a reel on Instagram. Click here @thehoneyhiveworkshop.

How can I clean my products?

Remove any dust by wiping with clean fingers or dabbing felt with sticky tape. Spot cleaning is recommended for all products.